The classic timeless sounds that make comical on TV every situation at hand, without annoying banners.

The app is “double” because it has the same standalone functionality on Android Wear smartwatch that feature audio speaker, with inverted colors for better power saving.
Supports the four wrist navigation gestures, mapped as follows:

  • flick out: whip
  • flick in: trumpet
  • push up: cricket
  • push down: applause

On watches with physical buttons on the crown, beyond the default on/off, the remaining two sounds are mapped to:

  • Primary button: rimshot
  • Secondary button: laughter

Hardware requirement

To be able to play the sounds on the smartwatch, the device must be enabled in both hardware (owning a speaker) and software (Android wear v6 or higher)

Once installed on a smartwatch it’s not required to be connected to the phone to play sounds, it works “offline”.

Privacy policy

After interacting with the virtual buttons of the registered sounds, an anonymous tracking is sent related to the pressed button to know which sounds are most used in absolute numbers, nothing more 📃.


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