About me

Simone RescioFront End Developer, Haichtiemmellister, jQuery Ninja, CrossBrowser guru, CSS deejay, SASS evangelist, dronist beginner, for some the all-repairing geek guy.

There are many buzzwords that pop up every day to describe what I do, enough to get envious even Khaleesi, but reality is simple: I’m a curious guy with a thing for technology and programming that tries to learn every day something new and useful.

Currently I am Front End developer at Hotels.com, an Expedia inc company, where web applications development is handled with state-of-the-art tools of the IT field, with backend micro services feeding RESTful APIs, and a detailed management of the Git codebase lifecycle with the Atlassian full stack.

I see new projects as an instrument to enhance my knowledge, because learning from mistakes is the most efficient way to store things in the brain for the long term.

This way one can learn that aspects that are external to the programming activity shape and take part in the code that we write, things like the self organization of tasks, sudden priority changes, the diplomatic management of different opinions and many more aspects that surface in every project, varying even by the size of the team, contributes in giving shape and life to the product we’re creating.

And each time is never the same. This is probably the most addicting part of this job, you will never know how the next project will end unless you dive in, and the satisfation that arouses when the goal is reached is truly electrifying, in the end the most important thing is to follow our own passions with confidence.

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish, Valar Morghulis, e vattelapesca

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