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Tilde and backtick for dummies

Operative system Mac, keyboard layout italian, Tilde To navigate to user root from shell Backtick To produce the gorgeous code snippets inline on Slack, but also on Bitbucket, and for  template string in ES6 Never again you’ll have to google these characters names to copy-paste them when you need them 🙇🏻‍♂️

Codemotion 2018 @ Rome

The codemotion is back on the scene like every year, this time in Rome for the month of April, and to keep bench rather than new and flaming JavaScript frameworks (😅) are more and more news from the W3C built-in-the-browser that come adopted at an ever-increasing speed by our dear browser makers. Part 1 … Continue reading Codemotion 2018 @ Rome

#HACKDEV17 project SPID smart button

The web has revolutionized most aspects of our daily life in the private sector, the speed and ease that today’s big platforms provide for exchanging information to send messages and process purchases are proof of how these systems have made great strides in the last 20 years, unfortunately the same cannot be said for the … Continue reading #HACKDEV17 project SPID smart button

Free SSL certificate for HTTPS provider StartCom StartSSL distrusted by Mozilla and Google

We are in a stormy period from the political point of view on a global level, and those who deal with technology can occasionally get the impression of being in a kind of virtuous bubble, a community of enthusiasts discussing in honesty and transparency in a general mood of trust, trust which is the basis of … Continue reading Free SSL certificate for HTTPS provider StartCom StartSSL distrusted by Mozilla and Google

Codemotion 2016 @ Milan

In life one never stop learning, if we consider all the innovations that are coming up in these years for technology, it would take the lives of a cat to follow on everything. In this sense, technology conferences are a good way to explore new trends in the industry thanks to experts that wear the journalist hat, filtering the news … Continue reading Codemotion 2016 @ Milan

Mail app killing CPU and battery on Mac OSX

This is a strange period in technology, while the world talks about going green, saving power by unplugging home devices while unused because that small LED light multiplied by millions of users costs lot of energy, it seems instead that hardware manufacturers, software developers, and IT companies more in general don’t give a fuck about any … Continue reading Mail app killing CPU and battery on Mac OSX

Git – How to unfuck by Melanie G. A. PATRICK

A nice handbook for “unfucking” git commits with command line when things get ugly by Melanie G. A. PATRICK from Trivago

One I’d like to add myself, experimented today on my skin, is about fetching.

Let’s say you created some new tags on BitBucket/Stash/YourGitRepositoryOfChoice and now you want to checkout locally one of these new tags. You might assume that firing a “git fetch” will update everything, you proceed to checkout the tag but your command fails.

Turns out that if you want the tags to be updated, you’ll have to ask for them explicitly :

Before version 2 of git, the fetch command alone would update branches heads and with --tags option would update only tags, after version 2 when the option is included it will update tags and branches heads, aligning local workspace with remote repository.


How to enable for free HTTPS for a site on shared hosting

Let’s start with a right and proper premise : when it comes to security there’s no silver bullet in this specific case the “s” that is affixed to the end of the HTTP protocol does, indeed, stand for “secure” but it should read “more secure“. Probably you’ve heard about the infamous Heartbleed bug that became notorious … Continue reading How to enable for free HTTPS for a site on shared hosting