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How to enable for free HTTPS for a site on shared hosting

Let’s start with a right and proper premise : when it comes to security there’s no silver bullet in this specific case the “s” that is affixed to the end of the HTTP protocol does, indeed, stand for “secure” but it should read “more secure“. Probably you’ve heard about the infamous Heartbleed bug that became notorious … Continue reading How to enable for free HTTPS for a site on shared hosting

Keep Calm and go to Budapest

Big multinational companies like Expedia are not made up only of scattered offices across the globe, they avail of the help of global partners that play a vital role in supporting a scalable and flexible business growth. One of the great partners that supports technological developments is EPAM Systems with offices in Budapest, Hungary, … Continue reading Keep Calm and go to Budapest

Fifty shades of browser

Creating an engaging and immersive User Experience does not come just from choices involving the position and role of specific components of an application, whether native or web. Historically Front End developers chase the chimera of customizing the appearance of elements that should be ruled by the operating system, in order to conform to the style of the brand, to … Continue reading Fifty shades of browser

DotCSS && DotJS conferences @ Paris 2014

The FrontEnd team of in mid November took off for Paris to attend two dotConferences organized in spectacular locations, with high level speakers and contents that have proven to meet expectations, in short an experience worth to be repeated. dotCSS Despite the important role that CSS plays in the construction of modern web applications the conference, held in November 14th, had difficulties in finding … Continue reading DotCSS && DotJS conferences @ Paris 2014

Why WordPress mobile UX is Psyco approved

Anno domini 2014, pocket devices have reached the power level of common personal computers if not superior, but low cost airline companies use the atomic mass as unit of measure  to check the weight of the hand luggage, which means I have to make a choice: the clothes necessary to survive the cold of Sweden (yes, in August) … Continue reading Why WordPress mobile UX is Psyco approved

Self sending hundreds emails to check newsletter in Outlook? Word is faster

It’s hard to find information about HTML emails development workflow, for sure they are not a new trendy thing that attracts developers attention, instead they stopped at a technology standard that predates IE6. But newsletter emails are still nowadays the best direct marketing instrument to retain visitors, so it is valuable to know some hard facts … Continue reading Self sending hundreds emails to check newsletter in Outlook? Word is faster

The Next Challenge of the Web is Us

ForwardJS keynotes of Christian Heilmann (@codepo8addressing the growing complexity of frontend development technologies and how important it is that we keep the initial barrier low to make the web accessible to new developers and publishers as well. Many new IT users land directly on smartphone with they’re closed apps environments, how can we bring the web to these new users?