4px ghost space with CSS display inline-block

I know why you’re here, I’ve gone through this as well. Like me you created a container box with dynamic height, 100%, and inside it you want some columns that reside near each other, occupying the same height of their parent, 100% them too. Now assumed that the display attribute block does not accept to … Continue reading 4px ghost space with CSS display inline-block

Android Holo font icons

The aspect that I appreciate the most about developing hybrid apps with PhoneGap in respect to all the different native languages is the possibility to reuse resources, not only knowledges. Developing an Android native app requires a big effort to create and manage the iconographic elements which composes the UI. The most complex aspect is … Continue reading Android Holo font icons

HelloSplash, Phonegap Android SplashScreen

Like for the first encounter between two strangers, a critical aspect for a mobile app when it meets our new users, whether we like to admit it or not, is the first impression. The splash screen is the very first thing our users got to judge our app the very first time they launch it, … Continue reading HelloSplash, Phonegap Android SplashScreen

Apply CSS styles based on device orientation

When developing web-apps for mobile a need that we encounter sooner or later is to supply specific styles to certain elements when the device rotates either in portrait or landscape mode. Being a CSS need the first method we will likely find while googling the subject is a CSS approach which uses the famous media … Continue reading Apply CSS styles based on device orientation